Welcome to My Mississippi Eyes

This blog was initially created as a travel blog for the Teachers for Global Classrooms Program though I am sure it will turn into a mental gumbo of thoughts and experiences stemming from my travels- far and near- my daily encounters, and a smorgasbord of random thoughts that spike my interest.

My posts may not be politically correct but they are my own. They are simply my experiences, my thoughts, and my view of the world as I see it…through MY MISSISSIPPI EYES.


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5 thoughts on “Welcome to My Mississippi Eyes

  1. I love the premier of your new blog..I am hereto signing your guest book. Btw, I find your use of the confederate flag very interesting, maybe you can do an article about that one day.

    • Thanks for the comments Ms. Foss. I definitely plan to do an article about the flag and my reason behind using it. I expect my choice to use it to have mixed reviews. I know it will raise some eyebrows, especially in the Black community.

  2. What beautiful pictures! Your story about the son of the woman you met resonated, because every year I have students like him, and wish I could do more for then, apart from asking them to develop their own projects. They need guidance, though, even though it must be different from the activities other students are doing. Montessori is probably a better option.

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