Marvel At Her Power

As a human being, I have to marvel at the strength and the respect that Mother Nature demands. Monday afternoon, a strong thunderstorm moved through Jackson, Mississippi and the surrounding area. The storm brought along with it a few icy friends who were determined to descend from the heavens. Out of nowhere, our beautiful spring skies turned spooky gray and deposited hailstones that saturated the metropolitan area.

In less than thirty minutes, the Jackson area was flooded with hail that ranged in size from marbles to baseballs. The storm caused millions of dollars in damages and left thousands of cars with broken windshields. The exterior of the cars looked as if they had been pounded to death by a ton of bricks.

I find it extremely interesting that man can predict thunderstorms, but no one is able to foresee, to a great degree, the large balls of ice that fall from the sky. Being the helpless individuals that we were on Monday, one could not do anything but respect it. It astounds me that as the smartest species on the planet, we can video conference across the world, explore space, clone organisms, cure diseases, manipulate chromosomes, and everything else, but we cannot control mother nature.

In my opinion, that is something that you just have to stand back and marvel at. For a science educator and a weather geek like me, it is some that I have to love.

 For more photos from the hail storm, check out the link below for a the slideshow created by MSNEWSNOW, one of our local TV stations.

MS News Now Hail Storm Slideshow

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