My Most Grateful Moment As An Educator

I received my first communication from my Indonesian host teacher and I felt like a little kid opening a gift on Christmas Day. Like a madman, I had been anxiously awaiting her reply every since I hit the send button on my initial email to her. Before I could finish reading the email I was filled with excitement. I danced around my apartment with uncontainable gratitude. Never before had I been so elated to be an educator.

I will be visiting Ogan Ilir, Indonesia, a very rural part of South Sumatra. The school has 48 students who are learning the English language in addition to other subjects. The school day for the children is from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. “Because the roads are often washed out with mud from the rains,” my host teacher informed me, “the best way to reach the school is by boat.” My mouth dropped, both from shock and extreme interest.

I instantly started scrambling around my apartment thinking “What photos of my students’ daily lives would the Indonesian students enjoy? What science labs might we do? What lessons should I teach them?” Soon I came back to reality and realized that their English might not be fluent. Therefore, my science lessons might have to be based on an introduction to the English language through the learning of science concepts. The high tech presentations I planned weeks ago will have to be low tech- VERY LOW. The school has no electricity.

Nevertheless, I am extremely excited. For years, I have wanted to teach in a small community such as this. In June, I will have 3 weeks of on-the-job training.

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One thought on “My Most Grateful Moment As An Educator

  1. I am sharing in your excitement. I am proud that you are getting this opportunity to give a part of your gift to those who are inquisitive. What is more astonishing is that you are learning in the process. I cannot wait to read your review from this trip. This has always been a desire for me to visit another country to learn and to teach.

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