36 Hours to the Day

I left Mississippi at 4:30 p.m. to embark on this journey to Indonesia and it has been interesting every moment so far. On my first flight, I sat next to an older gentlemen who had never flown before. He was mesmerized by the sight of the sky from the plane. He was also determined to allow me to sit on the inside (next to the window). Therefore, if something were to happen, he would be able to catch me. He insisted it was the gentleman thing to do, to always have the lady on the inside, away from traffic and danger. 🙂

I felt like I was in another world when I entered the international terminal at the Log Angeles airport. There were so many different people representing a rainbow of ethnic groups. As I walked to my gate, there were calls on the PA for flights going to places I had never heard of, let along try to pronounce.

The flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong was the longest in my life! 14 hrs. Previously, I made a mental list of things I could do to pass the time: read, create a mandela, journal, watch a movie, play cards, review the pictures I took at a previous event, etc. None of that was done. Sleep dominated. Over dinner, I struck up a conversation with the guy sitting next to me. Poor fellow, he was stuck sitting in the middle on this never ending flight. He was from Missouri, was flying back from a jewelry show in Vegas, and currently lives in Hong Kong.

Here are a few pictures to sum up my flights to Indonesia. It only took a total of 36 hours to get here:


Here is my dinner I had at 4:30 a.m. (Fish, mashed potatoes, and vegetables)

I am almost ashamed to admit that I did not know how to use chop sticks. Notice the past tense verb. I asked the guy next to me to give me a quick tutorial and I was too hungry not to get it.

This was my breakfast- Rice porridge. After eating a few spoonfuls, I decided to pass.

I loved this view from the airport in Hong Kong. Beautiful green mountains standing side by side with skyscrapers. Now I am very intrigued and want to go visit Hong Kong one day.

So far what I’ve seen of Jakarta is a blend of sophistication and local life.



I love the decor of my room. Check out the artwork above my bed.

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2 thoughts on “36 Hours to the Day

  1. I like how descriptive you have been with sharing your travel experience. Your descriptions make me feel that I am there. You are very bless to be able to experience such. Continue to blog, enjoy and I await to see more pictures.

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