Scooter Ambush

How do 237 million people get around in Indonesia? If everyone has a car, traffic jams would plague the country day and night. So, people take to the roads on their scooters…hundreds of them.

Although gas is the equivalent to $1.38 a gallon, only those who are well off can afford a car. Most people in the areas I have visited cannot afford their own transportation. They cram into the buses and vans that serve as public transportation. But, for everyone else, scooters and motorcycles are the way to go! They dominate the roads and sidewalks. They dodge in front of cars and dump trucks. They drive on the wrong side of the road and quickly zip back into their lane when oncoming traffic is approaching.

I have been amazed at all the different ways people have been riding scooters and the things they have been transporting on them. Unfortunately, I was not fast enough to take a picture of some of the most interesting ways, but here are a few I was able to capture.

Hundreds of scooters at one of the few traffic lights I’ve seen.


Girl, who cares that you have on a dress? Hop your butt on that scooter and get to going! 🙂

Yes, I know this is not a scooter but I saw some interesting bicycle variants.

And I couldn’t resist photographing this Hello Kitty car.

It is very common for women to ride scooters sideways if they are wearing a skirt. I was the odd ball because I jacked my skirt up and rode it the regular way.

I guess there are no age restrictions. I saw people riding them with babies less than a year old (but wasn’t able to snap a photo of it).


And I guess there are no restrictions on the number of people that can hop on. (I saw a family on one: mother, father, and 2 kids. Lol)

Yes, that is a satellite dish! By any means necessary. Lol

Why rent a moving van when you can carry it on your scooter?

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