Google Glass: The Price Of American Luxuries (Part 1 of 2)

Google Glass

While at a conference last week, I had the opportunity to see one of the developers for Google give a demonstration about Google Glass. I had never heard of it, but within minutes my mouth was wide open in amazement. Before the end of the presentation, I had already searched for the website, watched a video about the product, and inquired about purchasing it. I wanted it and for a brief moment, I didn’t care how much it cost.

Google Glass allows you to capture video or snap a picture of what you see. It can display turn-by-turn directions in the lens of your glasses, search and display images, and allow video chat with friends…all by voice command. If you haven’t seen it before, here is the company’s video about it.

Unfortunately, all my excitement about possibly purchasing a pair was shot down when the website said the demand is extremely high and that they are taking applications for potential buyers. A quick search on the web said the price was around $1,500. Instantly, my excitement went from “I must have a pair now…at any cost” to “I’ll wait. They’ll have to come down off the price eventually.”

So now, waiting for the situations surrounding its full release is comparable to the excitement of waiting for the release of the next iPhone. I guess the two biggest questions are: (1) When do they become available for nationwide purchase? (2) How far will they drop the price because $1500 is ludicrous?

For all you tech lovers here are a couple of sites for you to check out:
Every one’s favorite site for information, Wikipedia article on Google Glass
An interview Joshua Topolsky conducted with two Google Glass creators. 
Cnet Review of Google Glass 
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